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[COLOR="Red"]Our version of the back to school special! Sleeve, Nev and Tabitha head off as first year students to Smogfarts, the School of Amazements. Met by Hagus, they find their way to town to buy supplies. The Dark Roasters appear and all hell breaks loose...once again! Sleeve,Nev and Tabitha have to fight Turkamort and his band of evil henchmen. Can they win? Does anyone really care? Is this great art or just another shameless rip off? Decide for yourself! Grab a cup of the finest bean, kick the cat off the comfy chair and tune into the first episode of the 2010 season, which just happens to be[COLOR="Navy"] Harry Coffeepotter and the Coffeemuggle Rebellion[/COLOR], which is only on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve![/COLOR]

The quality of production is excellent, the voices are great and characters well defined! Rare to find a FUNNY original audio podcast comedy series but here it is! Enter the strange world of The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve with Mr. Coffeesleeve, Nev Moore, The Kid, Announcerman, Turk and the Band, Tabitha and the producer, Random Chance and prepare to laugh! Episode#21 sets new standards for production quality and the show recently remixed some of the oldies.

[COLOR="SeaGreen"]The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve is always available for free on ITunes, Digg, Digital Podcast, Blubrry and at [url][/url], where archive episodes can also be heard![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Indigo"]Enjoy the new 2010 season premiere of Harry Coffeepotter and the Coffeemuggle Rebellion!, only on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve!