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Hey everyone!

With all the controversal events and issues arising today, View Focus Podcast is here to deliver my 2 cents on these hot topics. Still new and not "matured" compared to the other professional podcasts, I hope to get this podcast in each episodes. If you want to hear about politics and debates that is happening here in United States, this podcast is for you!

The show varies in length, and a definite length is not set. However, all previous shows have been less than 20 minutes in length.
The podcast is encoded with 192 kbs MP3 format.
The language used in the podcast is appropriate for all ages, but the topics in discussion might not be suitable for young listeners.

Website: [url][/url]
Podcast Feed: [url][/url]

I am still an amature and new to Podcasting, but I hope to get better each time! Hope you enjoy the show!