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Heinous and Wonkles, the comedy, folk, rock, ukelele toting alternative duo known as the Stretchlinks, have been gazing at the bottoms of their musical souls for far too long. Now is their moment to pollute another generation with their incessant caterwauling. This time its a giddy cross-continent dollop from Cleveland and San Francisco! Listen in as the boys clumsily dust off old tracks, read listener mail, introduce rare “Nuggets Of Wonderness” and bask in a lovable “Don’t Touch That Feces” ranting. Join the Links and get happy now!

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[URL=""]Enjoy our musical :30 second promo here [/URL]

I believe the podcast should return tonight. When was episode 6 even created? Its been too long now.

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Thanks for paying attention! Well, we are foot draggers, that's about the best excuse we can muster. But there is more tom foolery on it's way from the Stretchlinks! thanks for listening!

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