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Here's our promo for The Eclectic Review. The show features a scientist and a science-fiction writer discussing science, art, movies, tv, and such. The promo runs about 00:42 seconds.

You can get it here: [url][/url]

Thanks to any and all who play our promo.

Take it easy.

Good promo. I see you are using libsin. How do you like them?

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Libsyn is awesome as far as I'm concerned. For only $5.00/month I get unlimited bandwidth and about 100Mb of space. When you go over the 100, they archive your oldest shows and free up more space. Archived shows are on their servers forever, always available for download to listeners, but don't count against you for space. If 100Mb isn't enough, you can pay more for an upgrade. My show averages about 14Mb per show, so I have the first 5 plus the promo on and still can fit another 2 shows at least. Also, their system for uploading/managing files and managing your website is simple and effective. My only complaints are that their stats program is still glitchy but they say their working on it, and they don't do much as far as pinging goes, but there are plenty of sites that take care of that for me.

So there you go. Hope all that helps you out.

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