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Hi. I'm Tim, one of the hosts of Tastes Like Burning, we are a couple cast who discuss anything and everything. From Puppys to F Bombs, you'll hear it all on our show. I got a promo bug today so here they are. Ratings are by the promos. Thanks.

Website: [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]Tastes Like Burning

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB Austin Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Lime"]G[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB No Crabs Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Yellow"]PG[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB No Crabs Mellow Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Yellow"]PG[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB Not A Cooking Show Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Lime"]G[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB Not A Cooking Show Alt Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Lime"]G[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB Sort of Sexy Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Orange"]PG-13[/COLOR] - [COLOR="Red"]R[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB Sort of Goth Sexy Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Orange"]PG-13[/COLOR] -[COLOR="Red"]R[/COLOR]

[URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]TLB WonderPod Powers Promo[/COLOR][/URL] [COLOR="Lime"]G[/COLOR]