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We'll play your 30 to 60-second promos & plug your show in exchange for the same.

[url=][b][i]"Podcrapular![/i]"[/b][/url] airs weekly and is essentially a comedy/talk program hosted by Golfwidow (a humor writer & beer-drinker) & Andy Martello (a professional comedian & freelance humor columnist).

The show is casual conversation ruined by inappropriate profanity, a preponderance of dick jokes, and great examples of very smart people laughing at really stupid things (see: dick jokes). Topics vary, but the show is funny, intelligent, and appeals to an adult audience.

A regular feature of the program is our "Real Porn Audio" segment. Basically we find the stuff people are missing while they are fast-forwarding to "the good stuff". Intrigued? Take a listen.

If interested please contact us through our e-mail address, [email][/email], or post a reply here.

Our Promos:

[url=]"Golfwidow's Mom Doesn't Like It"[/url] (60 seconds, 1 mb)
[url=]"The Porn Teaser" [/url](30 seconds, .5 mb)
[url=]"Xena, Warrior Teaser"[/url] (30 seconds, .5 mb)
[url=]"We're Screwed!"[/url] (30 seconds, .5 mb)