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44 Years ago, in 1962, a comic genius for his time.... Vaughn Meader, along with a small band of other comedians, created a parody album about the First Family of John F. Kennedy. The album had meteoric fame and fortune and was immensely enjoyed by President Kennedy. Then, on a fateful November day.... Lee Harvey Oswald killed two people that day...our beloved President and Vaughn Meader. I have converted an LP that I came across at an estate sale a few weeks ago and have put it up on the site as HOMAGE to Vaughn Meader and the other artists who created this HISTORICAL CLASSIC. I have also put up the BIO of Vaughn Meader which is tragic. One other note, Vaughn Meader was my inspiration to LEARN how to mimic John Kennedy and is where my inspiration came from for the voice of CAPT. IVAN PANSY.