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This Is My [b]FINAL PODCAST[/b] That I Will Do Until I [b]RETURN[/b] From Baghdad, Iraq Where We Are Going To Do The Radio First Termer Iraq Show For The Troops. It Has Been A Long, [b]35 YEAR JOURNEY[/b] For Myself And Those Associated With Dave Rabbit And Radio First Termer. I Want To Take This Opportunity To [b]THANK[/b]...... Pete Sadler & Nguyen From Our Saigon, Vietnam Show In 1971...... Charlie Cooper & Nadirah Who Are Accompanying Me To Iraq...... And The Cast Of Characters That Have Been A Part Of Radio First Termer..... Capt. Ivan Pansy & His Lover Ralph, Hairlip Harry, Omar Bin Fucking And Of Course, The Base Commander From Ton Son Nhut, Saigon. The [b]BIGGEST THANKS[/b], However, Goes Out To [b]THE TROOPS[/b], Because Without Them Keeping The Show Alive For [b]OVER 35 YEARS[/b], This [b]DREAM[/b] Could Have Never Been Accomplished Or Achieved! The Entire Show Will Be Available The First Week Of October 2006 From Pod-O-Matic, Above Top Secret And The Dave Rabbit Official Home Page.

[b]P E A C E ![/b]