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About a month ago, Will Snyder was contacted by a guy by the name of Tim Mailhot, who was in the Air Force from 1973 to 1977. Sometime during this period, Tim became friends with a guy by the name of Bruce Causey, who had a reel to reel of the only know recorded show of Radio First Termer.... and it was COMPLETE. Tim made a copy.... and somewhere down the way, was put away.... along with his reel to reel deck. Fast forward to April 2007.... Time does a search for Radio First Termer.... finds the Radio First Termer Home Page, contacts Will Snyder and informs him that he has a Reel to Reel and that he just got it fixed and could make a digital copy of the tape he has. Tim sends to Will..... Will does some audio editing to rid some of the minor hiss... turns it into a .wav file.... sends it to me.... I do some editing.... and ladies and gentlemen..... we NOW have one of the HIGHEST QUALITY RECORDINGS of the only know recorded show.

I now have a 48 KBPS STEREO and 192 KBPS STEREO version up on my POM Home Page.


It was really a trip listening to it as it was originally broadcasted...... the existing one that has been in circulation for 36 years or so that is up now..... has about 10 to 15 missing minutes that can NOW be HEARD again for the very first time.

Please pass this great information along to anyone you know who is a fan of the show. Also, please remember that this is FREE and you are welcome to rebroadcast, post or refer to it on your own sites, shows or whatever.

Thanks to all of you who made this past year something very special for me.