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You should add recommendations - I want to know what else to listen too.

Martha -

Well, if you like all kinds of music then I can point you to [url][/url], where each week I select a single artist in a different genre and let you hear the breadth of their music. I play everything from classical to punk, so if you're willing to open your mind, then you may well appreciate the podcast.

In a completely different vein, I have a very short (under 5 minutes) podcast called One Minute How-To ([url][/url]). On this show participants are given up to 60 seconds to explain how to do something. The topics so far have ranged from how to stop severe bleeding to how to order at Starbucks, so you can probably guess that I have as much fun as the participant. BTW, if you or anyone else wants to be on the show, then just send me an email.

So there are a couple of listening ideas that will hopefully brighten your day.

Cheers -


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Good idea lets start a list.

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so thot id just go ahead and get a thread started so what better than more about music

anyhow, let me know about what podcast you like, fav podcast sites whatever

some of my fav (house,retro,trance) would be from podomatic; jardo, dj mikewang ifly, royski, dj dave james

being easily accessible (download or stream) and for the most part free, i think its a cool way to just keep the music going. Click here to enlarge

also, it would be cool to hear from some ppl that subscribe to ASOT or other DJ sponsored podcasts.

thanks and much love for RL

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