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I suggest getting a dedicated email account for your rss feed from gmail or someone like that. That way your regular email does not get an extra amount of spam. Means you have to check more than one email, but I find it works best for me.

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The xml generator I use works fine even though I intentionally do not enter my email address. I'm told that having it there enables other podcasters with special interest in your podcast to reach you.

Why do I leave it out?

My experience shows that if you display your email anywhere on a website in standard format, you WILL get spam, and lots of it!

Thoughts, comments, alternatives beyone the obvious?


Spam is going to happen one way or another. Simply using your email will introduce your email address to servers that will capture and store it as it goes through. After setting up my new podcast, One Minute How-To, I sent about a dozen emails from the Gmail account. Despite the fact that the email address had not been published anywhere, I still started getting spam - not much, but enough to remind me that using it opens you up.

My opinion is to simply make yourself as open to connection with others as possible, as you never know what you'll miss otherwise. Spam is an unfortunate fact of life.

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