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Hi there,

My name is brian, and it is so great to find a friendly forum about the whole podcasting genre. =)

I have kind of an unusual question. Here's the deal: I have a daily podcast that I create for several of my websites, and I would like to upload the latest episode to my server, then have it appear on each site, automatically--all a visitor would have to do is click on a player to play it.

Is there a way to do this? Ideally, I don't want visitors to be able to download the episode, but rather just listen to it from my sites.

Thanks so much for your time!

I would think that the easiest thing to do would be to name the file Current.mp3 and simply overwrite the previous day's Current.mp3.

Just wondering, why not allow download? I never listen to podcasts on my computer and always download them, either putting them into my mp3 player or burning them to CD.

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Hi there, and thanks for the reply. I actually thought of that last night on the way home (after I had posted).

These sites are going to ultimately be run by other folks, who wouldn't want to deal with adding code to the sites everytime I add a new episode, nor do I think they want an entire archive of shows on their site, especially since it will be updated every week.

Is there a way for me to make only the current episode appear on their site for downloads AND be able to play via an embedded player simply by inserting the code once, or would I have to give them new code every week to put into the sites?

I'm trying to find the most efficient way to handle this, because if the idea grows, I definitely will need to find a way to streamline the distribution.

Thanks again,

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I'm thinking that the answer is the same - hard-code the file name in the player and you "should" be good to go.

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RSS to the rescue. If I understand what you want to do is to have one central repository of podcast files (mp3s or whatever format the media takes) and then have the titles appear on multiple sites and have the titles link to the mp3 on the remote server. When the user clicks on the title the audio can be streamed or download. Or some set up similar to that.

The answer is relatively simple. Just take a look at any of Digital Podcast's detail pages. We host our own podcast, but everyone else's is hosted at their site. We don't have a streaming feature, but it's on the workplan somewhere.

To do this we use the podcast rss feed. The RSS feed has the name of the episode, it's description and a link to the podcast. When someone goes to the detail page we call the rss, get the info and then display it( we actually cache this for a number of hours to cut down on bandwidth consumption)

If you are using PHP you can get [url=]MagpieRSS[/url] or [url=]Simplepie[/url] to read the RSS and give you the titles, description and url of the podcast. Then you can use the url as a link ( make it pop up a new page to prevent the user from leaving the original site) and/or use something like [url=]winamp[/url] to stream to the user.

Just update the RSS on your central server and the remote sites will get the update when they call the RSS.

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