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I'm using ePodcast Express to generate my xml code and upload my daily podcast. In ePodcast Express, I've chosen the option "podcast with itunes tags." And I'm manually pinging iTunes each day.

Based on thisinformation,

(1) Can I submit the podcast info (ping?) other services like ipodder, etc., without having to create another hunk of code? (Code is at [url][/url])

(2) Is there a program that makes multiple pinging simple or close to automatic, or do you have to create a macro or some such method to save time? I guess I'm right in thinking that you would want to get the word out to as many places as posible for your podcast.

(3) Is there any way to keep track, especially in iTunes, of the number of people who listen to an episode (or episodes) or subscribe to your podcast (again, especially in iTunes)?

Thanks for any help--this podcasting deal is SO much more complicated than it looks (even in Podcasting for Dummies)!



I don't know how critical it is to ping sites where you have your podcast listed. It may speed up the new episodes showing up, but it may not speed it up that much. We cache the detail pages for about 12 hours to minimize using up your bandwidth. But we will check pages that users visit about 2 times per day.

I believe iTunes does a 24 hour cycle on podcasts in their directory.

If you need a tool here's one that uses Excel 2003

Excel based pinging tool: [url][/url]

And here's a Podcast ping site:
Podcast pinging site:

As for stats, that's is a area with some tradeoffs. You can use services like Feedburner or Podtrac, but you give up control over your feed address, which I don't like. It's bad branding and it means you potentially lose control over your place in your listeners play lists if something goes wrong. I think Feedburner has a service you can buy that gives you a branded url.

I'm testing out a new approach using a webserver trick that takes an incoming feed url of my chosing an then delivers the feedburner feed. I just started testing this out today and hope to be able to report more over the next week or two.

Hope this helps.


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