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Use this web form. It's easy and free: [url][/url] - Tell your friends. 8)

I've used this in the past:

Just dumps the xml for you to put in your own file

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yes i use this.
it is very nice and good.

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To me, wordpress is the ultimate RSS generator because it will generate RSS for any url that serves a listing of posts. This allows you to have an RSS feed for each category, search result, post listing, etc. All you have to do is add /RSS2 to the end of the listing URL.

I've created a category on my show's blog for my podcast updates and one for sample clips. That gives me three RSS feeds offering different content: one feed for all updates, one for only podcast updates, and one for the sample clips.

Wordpress is surprisingly good.
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You can also use software like FeedForAll to create RSS feeds, it has a built in wizard that will quickly walk you through the process :-)

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I have created a podcast, in which the sound is not very clear. what will I do now? New here.

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RSS-code manually as there are many programs that can create RSS feeds in the WYSIWYG mode. To make use of such software, you don't have to know XML or the RSS specification.

Feed Editor: a tool for creating and publishing RSS feeds and podcasts.

Feed Mix: RSS feed aggregator, editor and publisher.

After you have created an RSS feed, you must upload it to a Web-server

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I am using [url][/url] for creating rss feed for my websites...And I am totally satisfied with this.

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Thank you so much for sharing this web form for creating RSS Feed easily ...I definitely use this .

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