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I am trying to setup a podcast for my school's announcements and need some guidance. It needs to be a simple as possible and free for the school. Ideally, I would have a very simple setup that has a nice, simple interface which, upon enabling, would record the microphone jack to a 48Kb .mp3 file and then after stopped, a confirmation would be presented asking if the program should name the file based on a structure, such as 4-24-06-12:47pm.mp3, and save it to a network drive, which is the web server. It could also upload it through ftp but that would be additional work. Then, a feed would need to be created and ideally, a web page listing episodes very simply would also be automatically updated. Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately most of the audio recording software is just not that simple.

However, you might be able to use a service like [url=]odeo[/url] . You can set up an account and then phone in the announcement or record it using your computer mic. Your account will have an RSS feed, which you could then use to list podcasts on your website. If you integrate a player into your site then people could listen right there. Another similar option that might work would be [url=]Audioblog[/url]. I think you could make that work the same way.

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I guess I could handle getting the files saved. My biggest problem is how to keep the feed doing. Basically, is there a simple perl (ideally) or php program that would be a form where you would enter a password and then it would allow a user to enter the basic information required for a feed and very simple web page? Enter title, select date, and enter mp3 location--then it would have a .pl file which would be the generated rss feed and show the last 10 episodes or so, based on the settings chosen. It could also easily create a page listing files. I would rather it use simple text files instead of MySQL because I am having trouble getting that working on my IIS server at school. I could make everything myself in perl except the rss portion which I have never worked with before and I need this in the next few days since the school year is nearly ended.

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I'm not sure what you need exactly. If you go to and do a search for podcasts there are a number of podcast rss creation tools. One of those might work for your situation.

if all you need it help making the RSS then you might want to try this feed creator script.


I usuall just write my own because it seems simpler.

If you want to roll your own see the simple RSS format below, just add new announcements as more items. I wrote a script that gets data from my database and then generates a file of this format using PHP when I need to produce an rss feed.

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss xmlns&#58;itunes="http&#58;//" version="2.0">
<title>Name of your podcast series</title>
<description>Describe the overall podcast series</description>
<copyright>&#40;C&#41; 2005</copyright>
<pubDate>Sat, 15 Mar 2006 00&#58;00&#58;00 GMT</pubDate>

<title>Podcast title 1</title>
<description>Insert podcast 1 description</description>
<pubDate>Thu, 15 Apr 2006 00&#58;00&#58;00 GMT</pubDate>
<enclosure url="http&#58;//www.Your_MP3_URL" length="2211584" type = "audio/mpeg" />

<title>Podcast title 2</title>
<description>Insert podcast 2 description</description>
<pubDate>Thu, 15 Apr 2006 00&#58;00&#58;00 GMT</pubDate>
<enclosure url="http&#58;//www.Your_MP3_URL" length="2211584" type = "audio/mpeg" />


You can make sure you have produced a valid code by checking it at

You can use MagpieRSS or SimplePieRSS as RSS parsers to get the output of the rss and display it on your site - just google them and they should be easy to find.

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That should definitely help quite a bit. I will work on that tomorrow during my designated class period and see if I can get some things working. I would be happy to write it myself but we have so little time. I may reserve that for a summer project for something.

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