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Hello. I'm working on a podcast that models the TV talk show "Politically Incorrect".

The podcast would have a host (myself) and several guests (3-6) talking about a range of topics. But I'm finding it hard to get information on how I would like to set it up.

The group will be sitting around a round table, talking about issues. Yet I don't want to use headset mics as I feel it takes away from my groups freedom (though I will if it is cost effective). I'm thinkin 2-3 microphones sitting on the table, so we may sit and freely discuss the topics at hand. I don't know if this will be cost effective. Both options (headsets [atleast 6] or microphones [atleast 2]) would both require a mixing board or some sort of microphone router (u can tell I don't much about networking of microphones).

Any ideas would be awesome. Im looking to spend as little money as possible. One friend suggested getting an iRiver and placing it in the middle of the table. I have great fear though that the quality will suffer.

Email me if possible (