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i just found a site that looks interesting, it looks to have everything to set up a podcast, has anyone tried their stuff. i am new at this so i don'tknow thanks fo your help

A podcast is essentially an audio file that you broadcast or listen to. Much like a magazine subscription, podcasts usually have a subscription option whereby updates can be automatically downloaded to computers.

[B]Benefits of podcasting:[/B]
[*]Reach a new audience
[*]Build a relationship with your listeners
[*]Highlight your authority
[*]Increase advertising potential
[*]Respond to customer feedback.

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These are some benefits of pod casting so you can use podcast service in a correct manner.

1) Leverage your knowledge and content in another medium.

2) Reach a different group of people (some prefer audio, some written word, and some video)

3) Offer more value to your current leads, customers and followers

4) Allow access to material at a time and place that suits your listeners (not you). They can download it and listen while exercising, on their way to work…

5) Be more engaging than with the written word (especially if you aren’t a good writer) because the voice can express emotion more clearly.

6) Increase trust, and develop your relationship with your customers/followers – by hearing your voice they feel they know you better and that you’re being more open and honest with them.

7) Establish yourself as the expert in your niche/field help you achieve market leadership

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I personally believe that [url][/url] is the best podcast you can see lot's new things & also increase your knowledge..

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There is some basic tips about pod casting:-
1> Publishers create audio content, and post it to a web server, typically in MP3 format.
2> They publish an RSS file (newsfeed) that contains RSS news items that reference the audio content. Each RSS item provides meta information about an audio file, such as the file's name and description, and contains an RSS enclosure with the URL of the audio file.
3> End-users regularly check for new versions of the newsfeed, using an application like iPodder. When a new version is found, iPodder reads through it, identifies the audio file URLs, downloads them and syncs them to a media player.
4> Users listen to the "podcasted" audio file when it is convenient.

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