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I am trying to start a new podcast. Here is the ideal setup.
I have person A talking into a microphone at the location where I am recording the podcast. Person B is on the phone. I want both person A and person B recorded. Is there some sort of hardware I can use to interface the phone with person A's microphone without having to do any editing? The reason why I want keep person A on a microphone is because the phone conversation would be too low quality to record directly from the phone. I want to keep person A as high quality as possible. Is there any hardware I can use that would effectively premix for me Person A and Person B without having to do any person editing?


It is my understanding that Total Recorder can do it, though I have not tried it yet.

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There are a variety of answers you can try. If you've got the money a Telos One device ($500-600) is what the radio guys use. If you don't have that to spend I have a couple of ideas for you.

The key thing you need to fix is that the sound on the recording end is much higher than the sound coming from the other person. It has something to do with how phones are designed. It's like when you call someone and another person in your house is one a second phone - they always sound much louder.

First, don't use a coupler - they're cheap but don't work well.

The cheap trick solution requires three separate phone lines. One for each speaker and one to be the conference hub and you record the call from the conference hub. That way it equalizes the levels so both speakers are at the same level. Then you can raise the levels in Audacity if you need to.

The next idea is to use Skype on a PC, a microphone, a mixer, a recorder and some head phones. Here's the setup: microphone to mixer left channel input, Skype on the PC output to the mixer right channel input, left channel mixer output to skype/PC input, left and right out of mixer to a recorder, headphones plugged into recorder output. This way the mic goes through the left channel of the mixer and is sent to the PC to send to the other person using Skype(you can use Skype out to call a regular phone) and the Skype goes through the mixer's right channel. Both go through the recorder to the headphones and you can hear both sides of the conversation. You can then use the mixer to level the sound so that both sides are about even.

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