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Can anyone tell me if it is possible for me to have more than one picture per episode viewable on the ipod? I am currently making a podcast but I want to be able to add up to 4 pictures per episode but I dont know how to do it?

If it is possible please can someone let me know how is it done?

Many thanks in advance


Take a look at this:


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Yep, that article just about covers it.

As far as I'm aware you still can't do this on a PC though, which is annoying. Someone prove me wrong on that, please!

Anyway, let me know if you want a simpler explanation of how to do it on a Mac (get ChapterToolMe for a start).


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I use Podcast Maker for Mac OSX. Its very good for enhanced podcasts where you can insert images, graphics etc. You can even add in subtitles and links by placing chapter points on a timeline.

Its very good. That will enable you to use several images in one podcast.

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