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Hey guys. Thought I'd take a sec and present a simple and free podcasting hosting service for those of you who've got content but nowhere to host your stuff. :)

We've set up [b]MediaBlog[/b] ( [url][/url] ) to be extremely user-friendly for the ambitious podcaster. Once you enable podcasting in your Media area, simply upload your audio/video files into your designated podcast folder, and your podcast RSS feed is automatically generated for you. Done. Just spread around your feed URL, add it to iTunes, and wait for your listeners to tune in...

We even put together a nice splash page for your listeners to hit if they're interested in finding out more about your show (as an example, here's [url=]my podcast splash page[/url]). You can use the integrated blog system to provide a more full-featured experience for your subscribers too. :)

Disk space and bandwidth = free and unlimited.

Please let me know if there are any questions/concerns. :) Be happy to help anyone starting out.

This is amazing. :)

I still have no idea what an RSS feed is, though. :? Well, not what it is.. just how to set one up. I'll keep googling. haha.

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One question, though, now that I can do my medical marijuana radio show podcast, can I make money getting sponsors, etc. getting picked up by syndication??

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