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1. Download, install and run [url=]i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder[/url]. With it you can record [b]Skype[/b] conversations, Internet broadcasts, streaming media and sounds from your microphone.


2. Click the [b]Settings[/b] button to open the [b]i-Sound Recorder[/b] program settings.


3. Click on [b]Mixer[/b] to open its settings. To record a [b]Skype[/b] conversations, Internet broadcast or streaming media choose [b]Stereo Mix[/b] from the [b]Select Recording Source[/b] options menu. Some sound cards use different name for this input so instead of [b]Stereo Mix[/b] option you might see "WAVE", "What U Hear" or "Wave Out".

If you want to record from your microphone select [b]Microphone[/b] in [b]Select Recording Source[/b] options menu.

You may check the [b]Mixer Lock[/b] option - this would prevent another program from switching the input device while recording.


4. If you don't want to specify every time output file name for the record you can set-up [b]iSound Recorder[/b] to generate them automatically. Select the [b]General[/b] options menu. In [b]File Name Options[/b] choose [b]Generate auto name from date/time[/b] and change the [b]Destination File Folder[/b] if you wish.

Click [b]Close[/b] to exit the settings menu and move forward to recording.


5. Before starting to record you can adjust the volume level from the slide to the right. You can also adjust the volume at any time while recording. When you are ready to start recording click the [b]Start record[/b] button in the middle.


6. When you have finished you can stop the recording by pressing the [b]Stop record[/b] button.


If you wish to playback the just recorded file simply click the [b]Play[/b] button.


1. If you wish to skip silent pauses while recording you may activate VOX mode. Go to [b]Settings -> Vox[/b] and check the [b]Activate VOX mode[/b] option.

2. The default output file format of the recording is is [b]MPEG Layer 3[/b](mp3). You can select a different format from [b]Settings -> Codecs[/b] menu. The available formats are MP2, OGG, WMA, WAV and APE. For the different formats you can change additional setting like bitrate, mode and compression.

3. Sometimes Windows will set as recording device USB microphone or other device instead of your sound card and you might not be able to record in [b]Stereo Mix[/b] mode. To fix this go to [b]Control Panel -> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio[/b] and in [b]Sound Recording -> Default device[/b] choose your sound card.

For Window 2000 this option is located at [b]Control Panel -> Sound and Multimedia -> Audio -> Sound Recording[/b].

Or just sign up for the GizmoProject and record not only two way but conference calls with a single click.

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I am using free new utility SoliCall ([url][/url]). SoliCall records my Skype calls and in addition SoliCall reduces background noise thus improving the quality of my calls.

BTW, SoliCall works with any softphone (e.g. Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger).

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Check out [url=]PrettyMay[/url] which allow you to record Skype calls in mp3 with seperate channels simplely.very easy to use.[/url]

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Oh, so Audacity doesn't work for Skype?

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Give this a try.


found it works very well, esp on conf calls.

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want to say that i prefer SkypeCap at
=its really great tool with good quality:rolleyes:

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I do it with [B]Mp3 Recording Studio[/B], here is a step-by-step [url=]tutorial[/url]. It's really very easy.

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