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Podcast 411 has put together this tutorial


[quote=Alex]Podcast 411 has put together this tutorial


or just use WebPod Studio [url][/url]

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Check out [url][/url] - It's a free way to create your feed. No software to buy or download too. 8)

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[quote=NickMurto]Check out [url][/url] - It's a free way to create your feed. No software to buy or download too. 8)[/quote]
It just creates a feed, it doesn't record my podcast. so that's only half the solution then is it?!

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I had a separate RSS feed and a Separate website when I first started podcasting in 2005. I moved to wordpress. Now when I update my website, I update my RSS feed at the same time. It saved me huge amounts of time.

Dave Jackson

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Hi All,
I have an mp4 and/or mov that I need to publish as a podcast to iTunes. I know that you have create an RSS Feed for it, but I dont know how that links to the video Ive created. I basically need to start from the beginning. What do I do with my video, how do I create an RSS Feed for it, and how do I publish it? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Sorry for the long delay in answering. The best way to think of RSS is that it is a list of items. In the case of podcasts, the list has the name which is is the name of the podcast podcast, the website URL(the web address you put in your browser) of the podcast, the description of the podcast. Then in the detail of the list you list all the podcast episodes, -name, url of the file etc.

The rss list is then a file that you post on the internet at your website. This means it has a URL that you can put into your browser and look at the file. This url is what you give to itunes so people can subscribe to your podcast.

I suggest using wordpress or someother tool that creates the rss for you.

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i am new when it comes to podcasting.. what is podcast and what are its benefits? and how do i do it? is it more mainly used on blogs like Wordpress self hosted sites?

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A podcast is essentially an audio file that you broadcast or listen to. Much like a magazine subscription, podcasts usually have a subscription option whereby updates can be automatically downloaded to computers.
Benefits of podcasting:
[*]Reach a new audience
[*]Build a relationship with your listeners
[*]Highlight your authority
[*]Increase advertising potential
[*]Respond to customer feedback.

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