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How do I trecord, what should the input be. Right now I have it set to "what you hear" - but this is not cool since all the clicks and dings and everythingthing going on on my computer can also be heard. How should I do it so that my MIC is heard as well as any audio files I play.

That's really your best bet. Windows won't let you feed in from two import sources at the same time very easily. To get rid of all of the other clicks and beeps, turn them off either in the control panel or in the other programs them selves. That gives you a quiet "digital studio"

To fire your lbumpers and liners, use this program I wrote - It's free!

This link [url][/url] takes you to a FREE site that lets you create your own Instant Studio on your Windows Computer. It lets you create, save and continually update up to 60 drops (5 tabs with 12 per page). Just follow the link and go to the "INFO" tab first for instructions. Firing them live during your recording is much more interactive and produces a better show than going back and adding them later. Free, but if you use it he asks for a $5 donation.

Mike goes in one - fire your lines from the other - Boom Baby! You're a pro - Good luck!

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I am actually trying to set my computer to record "what you hear"... how do I set that. I want to use the drop board, but my mic doesn't pick it up. Any answers?

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It depends on the style of podcasting you are doing. If you want to record your talking, and then later mix in music then use the mic setting. You can use software like Audacity. If you want to listen to the music, sounds, etc as you play them, then you might want to mix in the sounds "live" with a software such as Podproducer ([url][/url] ) which I have a how to video at my site. When you use podproducer, it automatically sets up the computer to record what you hear. You can adjust the volumes of everything on the fly.

Dave Jackson

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