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I recently started up my "iToons" video podcast (so far, just the promo video has been released). It's pretty obvious that it was made using Macromedia Flash.
Some people might experience trouble trying to make the Flash project into a working iPod .m4v or .mp4.

First of all, make sure ALL audio in your Flash project is set to "STREAMING". No "EVENT" syncs, it'll mess a lot of things up later.

After that, it's really easy. Finish your animation/video/whatever and go into Publish Settings (File>Publish Settings). Check ONLY publish to FLASH (.swf) and QUICKTIME (.mov). In the FLASH publish settings, make sure that the Flash Player version is set to Flash Player 5.0 or lower. Anything above that isn't compatible with Quicktime. This means that you'll have to give up a lot of Flash's newer features. After that, go down and where you see audio (there should be STREAMING and MP3 sync settings), DISABLE them both (click Settings, and then DISABLE in the dropdown.)

Finally, go to the QUICKTIME publish settings and check the QUICKTIME AUDIO COMPRESSION box.

Publish your work! Open it in iTunes 6.02 or Quicktime Pro, and convert it for use on the iPod! (should end up as a .m4v, that should work fine!)

Have fun, and be sure to check out my new podcast:
Here's the RSS URL:

Just thought I'd mention that as soon as Apple hears they will want you to change the name of iToons to something else.

Cheers -


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