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My podcast has been in the digitalpodcast directory for about a month. On the Winamp Discussion Board, they said Winamp uses digitalpodcast's feeds for its directory, but I can't find mine there. It has an "Add Feed" box, so I added my feed, and got a confirmation, but it's still not there. Winamp has one of the most user-unfriendly podcast directories (not even a Search box!), but I'd like to be in it, since it's software like iTunes that's on many PCs out there.

What's the name of your podcast and I can check if it's in our published feeds list.

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It looks like your podcast did not have a rating, which means it may have been filtered out by winamp. I gave the show a listen and added a rating of not explicit. It is no showing up on the no-adult opml listing so hopefully that will solve the problem. I don't know how long it will take them to update it.

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