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I'm trying to create a video cast for Itunes. Can anyone help me with my rss file?
I need to know what the best format is.
How to source content so itunes can read the file and play it.

Does anyone have any advise,

Video my Cast

i'm no expert, nor have i tried, but if i'm not mistaken, there is nothing different you need to do with your rss feed. when you link to your file in your post, it will recognize it as a video file, and do it's magic, then itunes will pick it up as a video....

like i said, i have never tried this, but it's what i've heard.....

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I use a mac and was wondering how to load mp4 into a blogger made blog

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[quote]load mp4 into a blogger made blog[/quote]

What are you trying to do? Do you want to make a podcast and use blogger as your website? Or are you trying to put a video into your blogger website - kind of like

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