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hi I'm new lol i was just wanting to ask a question or two. i started recording a video game related talk show in wma format on my laptop quite recently it's called vault reviews and is about 40 mins long we have done a total of three episodes but have come to a problem, being the idiot that i am i thought you could just simply upload the file into podcast format but i cant. i was just wondering if it was possible to do this as the show it self has hit 93 downloads and is surprisingly popular lol (a link to episode 2 can be found here: [url][/url]) sorry if i wasting your time, please get back to me with any ideas :) thankyou

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but I will guess that you are trying to make a podcast. You can find some good resources at [url=]Podcast Cookbook[/url] that might help.

My suggestion is to get the Audacity audio editor and use that to record your show first into a wav format and then publish it as an mp3. That way it can be played on just about any portable device.

Next you need to upload your mp3 to a server on the internet that has a distinct url for the mp3. Mediafire doesn't look like it does that. My suggestion is to get your own website domain and pay for website hosting. You can get wht you need for about $8 a month at [url=]Dreamhost[/url].

If you get your website, use the auto installer and install wordpress. Activate the podpress plugin and you have a podcast ready website. Just upload your mp3s, publish your show notes and fill in the podpress fields to tell it where to find your mp3.

Wordpress will make the rss for you and anyone can listen to your show on your site and subscribe to your podcast.

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well i got it up and running thanks for advice i used [url][/url] to host it and now it in mp3 format and can now be found at [url][/url] and hopefully itunes lol :) cheers

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