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It turns out that the feed I submitted to iTunes was incorrect. I've been all over creation looking for the magic words to update the iTunes info to point to the new feedburner address. Doing a redirect simply creates and endless loop that makes feedburner sad.

Does anyone know how to update a podcast feed on iTunes?



I'm not an expert in .htaccess, but it can be used to forward one url to another address

Try this to see if it will work for forwarding you RSS to the new address.

Not sure how to get Apple to change what's in iTunes.

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the only way to get feeds switched in itunes is to email them...

if you're on a windows machine it's [email][/email]

if they don't reply or take forever, the only other option (without redirecting) would be to submit a new, correct feed, wait for it to show up, notify all your listeners, and then but the itunes block tag in the old feed so it gets removed from itunes.......

lots of trouble for something that should be so simple!

listen up steve-o, listen up!

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Thanks, Josh! I'll give it a try

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