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Sorry for replying so late. I was away for a few days. I think the end result should be something that takes into account the number of Hits, the number of votes and the rating. Maybe something like the following ?

A simple multiplication of number of votes (V) by the rating (R) could work in the category and then for a rating scheme across categories, you could weight by the proportion of Hits that Podcast gets in that category. So if "h" is the hits of the Podcast and "H" is the total number of Hits for all Podcasts in the category, maybe the answer is :


That accounts for the popularity or "the intrigue value" (something I just made up) of the podcast relative to other podcasts in the category...

What do you think ?


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I think it's better than what we have now, but it doesn't take into account the number of days someones been in the directory. Old podcasts really get an advantage over new podcasts.

Here's what I'm thinking - we need something that considers the curiosity factor (click throughs), quality (ratings/reviews), quality of ratings (number of votes ) and inclusion on favorite lists. Then we need to make sure we normalize for the number of days on the site to take listing age out of the equation.

So something like clickthroughs/day*weighting factor +votes*ratings/day*weighting factor +favorites/day*weighting factor

What do you think about this idea?

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When one clicks for the top rated podcasts, the list has all these podcasts with one vote (which is ofcourse a 5.00). A show having just one 5.00 vote doesnt mean that its a popular vote. You should weight ratings with the number of votes they have received... Example, my show (Podcast about Indian Music) has 531 hits, 21votes and has an overall rating of 4.43 from those 21 votes. I think a rating of 4.43 from 21 votes is anyday better than a rating of 5.00 from just one vote.

Please correct the listing scheme.

I agree I would like to change that.

Is your idea that the rankings would be based on rating points 21*4.43

Or based on weighted votes 21*4.43/5.00

Or does anybody have a better idea?

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I like that. And maybe the weighting scheme could be :
Clickthroughs = 0.3 or 0.4
Votes = 0.5 or 0.4
favorites = 0.2

What say ?

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