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Hi everyone,

I'm int eh process of selecting software to buy in order to create and publish a new podcast. The issue I'm finding in the programs is that I can't tell whether or not the software has multiple inputs for more than 1 microphone. I have all the necessary hardware (mics, mixing, board etc.). The 2 products I'm considering are Propaganda and ePodcast Creator. Does anyone know if these products will process more than 1 microphone at a time? I'd appreciate any feedback!

I looked at demo copies of both and I don't think they support recording multiple tracks from your mixer simultaneously. epodcast producer allows you to load a music track and record voice over it, but I don't see where they support multiple channels.

You may want to check out Audacity. It looks like it can do multichannel recording if you have the right soundcard/equipment etc.

BTW what are the tracks you want to record at the same time? If you just want to integrate more than one mic you should be able to do it via the mixer. Also, you should be able to use the left and right tracks for different mics.

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Thank you for the quick response. All i need to be able to do is simultaneously record 3 mics. You think all I need for that is the mixer? I want to be able to edit each microphone seperately which is why i assumed I needed multiple mic options in the program itself. I've just become familiar with audacity and have it installed so I can use that for the multi mic editing if need be.

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you will need to be able to record each mic on its own track if you want to edit individual mic inputs. you will need to be sure your soundcard/input can handle that. for 2 mics you could use left and right.

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