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Hello everyone! Great forum with tons of great info, im happy to have found it!

I have been running a video blog for almost two years now but recently I decided to start a video podcast (once a week). Yesterday I released episode 1, when I say release I mean I uploaded it to vimeo and share it via a post on my blog ([url][/url]) as I do with all my posts. A couple viewers suggested I create a video podcast on itunes for it so that they could download it and have it on the go. I figured why not, the more exposure the better, right? That's when I started researching how to submit a podcast to itunes. It seems pretty stright forward from what I read, but i have a few questions before a proceed.

I get that I need somewhere to host the episodes (the video files themselves). My main site/blog is which is hosted by - this is where i publish my content. Squarespace limits my file uploads to 20mb, therefore uploading video to that server is out of the question. I also own and have a hosting plan for it of 10gb (storage) and 1tb (bandwidth) with GoDaddy. Since is a personal website that only uses 170mb of the 10gb provided I thought I might use it to host my episodes. Im sorry if this is a bit confusing, I just want to give you all the info possible. Is this a setup that would work?

I went ahead and uploaded the video to a new directory I created on

Does this sound like the correct setup? If so, how do I create the xml file so that i can submit it to Itunes?

One more thing.. itunes states they will not provide any way to track downloads. This is something I'd like to have available. What are the workarounds for this?

Hopefully this is not too confusing...

Thanks for helping me out!


My suggestion is to get a pro account at [URL=""][/URL]. Costs about $8 per month, and you can host your videos, they transcode them to run on ipods and give you an mp3 too. They also give you a great distribution to video sites and produce the rss feeds for you. Plus they give you stats on views etc.

Awesome service if you ask me and well worth $8 per month. If you want to add it to your squarespace blog feed you can see a video for how to do it here [URL][/URL] Audio and video should work the same way. Just make sure the video is ipod compatible.

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Thanks for you reply!

The thing is I have the space and bandwidth to do this myself. It seems like a waste for me to pay for a new service when I can host it myself for as long as i can. Also, since this is more of an experiment at the moment I want to spend as little as possible.

Thanks though.


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That's ok. Just use the instructions for how to create a podcast from Squarespace and make sure your video will load onto an iPod. I usually test this by importing the video into iTunes and dragging it onto the iPod icon. If that works then the iPod should be able to play it.

To submit your feed to the iTunes Store:
[*]Open iTunes.
[*]Click the green iTunes Store icon on the left side of the iTunes window.
[*]From the top navigation bar in the iTunes Store, click Podcasts.
[*]From the Podcast Quick Links section on the right, click "Submit a Podcast."
[*]Follow the instructions on the [URL=""]Submit a Podcast[/URL] page.[/LIST]

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