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I am in a band and I'd like to podcast some of our songs so that the ipodders and podcasters of the www can listen to our sound. Do I, first of all, need a website to host the material or can I upload it to a Yahoo Groups site for example? I have gone through the process with digital podcast> add a podcast but this is as far as I have been able to go. Do you have a general overview posted with instructions for getting started.

The easy answer may be for you to try garageband's podcast service - [url][/url]

I have not tried it, but it says it's free and may be a good way to get started for podcasting your band's music quickly.

The normal set up is something like the following:

1 You have a website where you publish information about you, your band, your podcasts - whatever you want.

2. You create your audio files and upload them to a folder on your website's web server (the computer that runs your website)

3. you create an RSS file which lists your podcasts and the URL for your podcast ( the web address you put in your browser address bar) - see here for more information about RSS [url][/url] )

4 you put a link to your RSS file on your website, list it with directories etc.

5. Listeners put the RSS file into their ipodder/itunes etc and then files automatically get downloaded to their PC

If Garageband doesn't work for you. Another low cost way to get started would be to use [url][/url] for your website -its free. And use a service like to store your audio files and create your RSS.

I have not tried garageband's service or libsyn's service so I don't know how well they work.

Another good site for learning about getting started podcasting is

You may also want to post some of your music at [url][/url] so other podcasters can play your music.

Hope this helps.


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