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Hi, I now have the Videocasting bug. I am looking to take some of my work that I have developed and do a video cast of it. A Lot of people have been asking and I figured I might as well get on it. So I am new to this world and I would like some direction. I have a good background in Video and Audio(FCP, Protools) editing but not so much hosting and web. Basically what I would like to do is produce 15-20min video shows each week or bi weekly. I would like to keep the quality high (looks wise) and from what I understand I will need an mpeg 4 video compression. I am not expecting this to be free and for now I am not looking to make money on this just yet, how ever I know down the road I would like to generate revenue from banner ads. I did register a domain for the name of the videocast but now I need to know what steps to take to get this show off the ground. I would appreciate a walk through of what is needed and the best method for putting up a professional looking video cast.


Video podcasting and audio podcasting are basically the same process, except that one is video and the other is audio.

Here's what I would do.

1) find a hosting company, that offers good pricing for bandwidth. Dreamhost is an ok place to start, but don't expect 99.99% uptime or really quick turnaround on service calls. Midphase provides better turnaround on service requests, if you have more money to pay for bandwidth. Either way it's pretty cheap. If your show gets popular, then you should find higher quality bandwidth.

2) install wordpress with the podpress plugin. You can select from a whole range of templates to make your site look good and podpress provides you with a podcast compatible RSS feed.

3) produce your video, convert to mov or mp4 or m4v. upload to your server, make your post. Add the information to podpress and you have a podcast feed.

4) submit your podcast feed to Digital Podcast, iTunes and every other podcast directory.

5)tell everyone you know you have a podcast. promote by posting in podcast directory forums. Buy site targeted advertising at podcast sites using adwords site targeting features.

Those are the basic steps. Whole chapters in books are written about each, but those are the basics.

If you have specific questions, let me know.

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