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Hey peeps, I would really use the help of this forum for my assignment for my subject "Using Internet as a Research tool". I've been ask to gather information and feedback from a forum and I would really appreciate every bit of information that is shared here on the site.

I've chose the topic : Discuss the developments and trends in the area of RSS/podcasting

As we all know, RSS and podcasting is growing everyday, more and more users are learning how to make use of them both, to update business partners and also family and friends. Even locally here in my country, podcasting is growing popular with bloggers such as Mr Brown and radio stations such as The Perfect 10 987Fm. I could really get the opinions of the people in this forum.

Could you all please voice your opinions in this thread ?
Thanks a lot in advance.

P.S. Mod, if you feel that I shouldn't post this here, please help me move it to a better section of this forum where I could get feedback from all users of this forum. Thanks a lot again.

I think podcasting is great. It's even better now that I have a wifi enable Nokia with podcasting on it so I don't have to use iTunes. Podcasting straight to the phone is the way to go.

What do you want to know more about?

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I was hoping to find out how RSS/Podcasting have changed the lifes of people. How much of an impact has it made ?

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