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I added episode images to my RSS feed as follows:


But they don't show up. Am I doing somthing wrong? Do I need to refresh the feed, and how?

There are no rss tags for images at the episode level, only for the show overall. You can put images in you episode description and some rss readers will show the images. We don't right now, but it's something we will look into doing.

As for iTunes, you can include an image for the episode in the metadata (id3) of the audio or video file. That's the way cover art gets included at the episode level for itunes.

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For podcasts at, this code works for episode images:

<description><![CDATA[<img src="URL OF YOUR IMAGE">Text of your description]]></description>

You might see if you can get it to work in yours.

BTW, already got episode images set at iTunes; those you load directly onto your enclosure in the Artwork tab in iTunes Get Info, before uploading. You could try using this, too.

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