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We are $hane Peezy and Duz-T aka The Bouty Bouty Squad.

If you like Comedy, Movies, TV, Video Games, Comic Books, or Anime,you will like our podcast.

We podcast about Entertainment News, Pop Culture and all around hilarity.

We podcast from The Bouty Bouty Headquarters high atop BBS Tower!

We will produce 50 podcasts this year.

We listen to podcasts on anything fresh and funny.

To make our podcast, we use Audacity, Acid 6.0 and everything else at our disposal.

By the end of 2009, we think we’ll still be turnin' out funny podcasts every Sunday.

Lost in the middle of the Pacific, we would have these three podcasts with us: Smodcast, Ashtrays and Action Figures, and Bagged and Boarded.

Listen to the Bouty Bouty SquadCast at [url][/url]