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Radio Waves is a show offering independently produced radio randomness. At times Radio Waves offers more conventional interviewing/story-telling and at times it plays with the limits of story telling and audio editing.

Our show features stories of people's lives and live lectures produced in traditional and nontraditional ways. Essentially, we showcase anyone that will talk to us and we update every two weeks.

Radio Waves is an independently produced story telling show.

I am an independent producer in New York City eager to interview and play with production styles. Radio Waves is basically a compilation of my experiments.

If you like This American Life, Radio Lab, Love & Radio or the Third Coast Re:sound postcat you will like our(my) podcast

We podcast every two weeks.

We podcast from New York City.

We will produce about 26 podcasts this year

We listen to podcasts on iTunes, Digital Podcast and PRX.

To make our(my) podcast, we use Pro Tools.

By the end of 2010, we think we'll have and hope to have over 1,000 subscribers. We need your help to get the word out.

Lost in the middle of the Pacific, I/we would have these three podcasts with us: Radio Lab, Third Coast and Meet the Press