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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 585 Monday October 28th 2013 7pm Pacific Time
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November 23rd they'll finally have the 50th anniversary show for Doctor Who on the BBC. Fans have had to wait for a new show since like June. Like all things that we wait a long time for many of us will be let down and others will be elated. I'm elated that I'm done writing this paragraph.

Today we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer, PLUS we bring you the return of WILLYA SHADUP's LIBERTY NATION FREEDOM PHONE FOR ALL where it's not all websites and hearings!

Tomorrow we bring you the return of THE MIKELOPEDIA INSANICA, plus we'll hear from Benita, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster!

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WILLYA SHADUP's transcript....

Hello America, this is WILLYA SHADUP and I, like many of my good buddies in the Republican Party are on a Kathleen Sebelius witch hunt! What, Ms. Sebelius is a witch? That’s frightening! Oh? She’s not? Fine. Maybe she’ll be one on Halloween. The roll out of is a disaster! It’s a catastrophe! It’s not working ANYWHERE! Nobody can figure it out! It’s like rocket science. This is the most indecipherable thing ever in the history of the world! And this is the most important story in the history of the world! That’s why you’ve heard it on every news station and network every hour of every day! It shows you how important it is when all the news stations are talking about it! Or, maybe their too lazy and broke to send anybody to Saudi Arabia to try to figure out why they won’t let women drive. WHATEVER THE CASE Representative John Yarmuth of Kentucky talked about how important all these news stories are…especially the ones done by the greatest network ever ever ever of all time, FOX NEWS….

We have Representative Yarmuth with us now. Representative, how wonderful is FOX NEWS?

Well, in fact, Willya, they have been misleading the public. And the fact of the matter is we, as a nation, are spending entirely too much time on a website not working right. Ask any Tween trying to get tickets for a Justin Beiber concert how websites don’t work. I once tried to buy a really cool ankle bracelet on Etsy and it kicked me out just before I made my purchase. I was quite upset, I assure you.

I would be too, Representative! And I would be upset with all the Republican governors of the states that opposed the website rollout and contributed to its problems. But they didn’t do anything to obstruct the website.

Pundit from MSNBC show, why don’t you calm down about the Republican governors!

I can’t, Willya. Because I’m a beautiful MSNBC pundit who looks like the lovely Olivia Munn! I don’t need to calm down! I don’t need to talk about this stupid website-gate any more! Pretty Pundit…out.

And then even Rick Santorum had enough…of Ted Cruz! He says that Tea Party wacko hurt the government!

Mr. Santorum, on a scale of p*$$d to really p*$$d, how mad are you that Ted Cruz got picked by that recent Conservative Christian Coalition to be the next Republican Presidential Candidate?

Willya, I’m a very good looking Christian man with a big, white Christian family and a whole bunch of backward beliefs but one thing I know is…the Obamacare Website is a disaster and a catastrophe and riddled with mistakes. Republicans NEVER make mistakes on their websites.

Mitt Romney posted on his website that he won the 2012 election right after he LOST!

Yeah, well, Republicans shouldn’t have picked him. Bad mistake.

And that’s what life is full of Rick, mistakes. I made a mistake wearing these pants today because NOW I CAN’T BREATHE (takes a breath). So in summation, Republicans don’t ruin the government and websites, Democrats do. And we should all go back to 2007 when the health care system in America worked like charm! That’s why the state of Alabama kept charging me for healthcare for 9 months even though I had moved to California AND THEY NEVER GAVE ME BACK THE MONEY! True story! But I’m not bitter. Back to you Mike, where angels fail to tread…