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My podcast is called Dreams Made Flesh, primarily it hosts audio chapters from Lightning Spliced. It also hosts content for [url][/url] including interviews, reviews, and writing tips.

I am Zellie Blake.

If you like Heroes, Ultimate X-men, or superhero movies you will like my podcast

I podcast roughly twice a month

I podcast from a bunker in Savannah, GA

I will produce about 24 podcasts this year

I listen to podcasts on my generic mp3 player on my way to work and in the car

To make my podcast, I use audacity and a delicious samsun co1u mic

By the end of 2010, I hope to have an agent and publisher for the novel

Lost in the middle of the Pacific, I would have these three podcasts with me: 1) whatever JC Hutchins is doing 2) Metal Gear Solid: Cracks in the Armor 3) Author Boot Camp