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Hi Everyone,

I am getting ready to start a podcast. One of the issues that I am working out, is how to set up interviews professionally.

It's clear to me that on radio, guests and interviewer are prepared for the conversation. The questions that are asked are easily answered and things flow very easily.

I would like to set this up as well, but I'm not sure how to structure it most effectively.

For those of you who do this already, do you ask guests to send you a set of questions? Do you pre-interview your guests and develope a set of questiosn from that session? What other tips do you have?

Thanks very much!


If you are calling some one as a guest for the interview for sure he might be one of the most happening person in the society. Might be a good or bad. So frame all the question behind that happening, controversies behind his name, answer for this question always make news. Before questing him he should know the answer atlest a hint for the answer so that you can get most out of him.

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We have had several guests on our show Solitary Confinement and I have found that the easiest way to approach a guest is just to have a normal conversation with them.

It can be real easy to get caught up in asking the "right" questions. If you prepare a few basic questions to generate conversation, I guarantee things will start to come to you.

Good luck and hope everything goes well!

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I also want to know some important & beneficial tips for podcast interview...I want this help not for me .I want these interview tips for my brother.So he can perform well in there podcast interview.

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