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Your weekly dose of chaotic tech comedy that brings you the latest, greatest, and strangest tech news. Hosted by Brian Berris and Joe Gomez.

The name embraces the fact that we are aware that there are a million tech podcasts out there, and that we are just another one in the mix... or are we. Our studio is located in downtown Detroit. We provide the latest tech and buzz worthy news, along with our views on the topics, while making it entertaining at the same time. Our show is directed toward anyone from the slightly interested to the tech savvy.

We are... Not Another Tech Podcast

If you like TWIT and Switched On Show you will like our(my) podcast

We podcast about technology and buzz worthy news

We podcast from Downtown Detroit, MI

We will produce 52 podcasts this year

We listen to podcasts on iPod/PSP/PC

To make our podcast, we use 2 Audio-Technica AT2020, 2 Pro-mic booms, Alesis MULTIMIX8USB Mixer, Behringer HPX2000 headphones

By the end of 2006, we think we will be fairly well known. In only 2 months of our site being up we have been getting increasing amounts of traffic every day.

Lost in the middle of the Pacific, we would have these three podcasts with usÂ… Home Town Tales, Switched On Show, and TWiT