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Hi folks....

Just got done posting the 10th episode of my podcast "The News Roadhouse Wants".

I don't know how you all approached doing your shows, but I think I went about it sort of backwards. Everything I have read regarding content stresses "Content is King, Podcast to your Passion". Well, honestly, I have no great passion for silly news stories (which makes up about 90% of my current content). I was just interested in doing a podcast....any podcast....and the "format" of my show took shape on it's own.

Anyway, to liven up the train wreck that is my show, (and to keep me awake), I am thinking about adding a segment to the podcast..."The Promo of the Week" or something like that.

If you would like to send me a promo for your podcast (MP3 format, and not real long, please), I will probably include it in one of my future episodes. It doesn't even have to be that good, (believe me, it can't be worse than most the crap I am throwing out there). What have you got to loose, right? You can send your promo to [email][/email].

The News Roadhouse Wants
Email: [email][/email]