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While scrolling through the massive amount of posts on this Bulletin Board, a thought came to me. Before you all start shouting about how that's not possible, let me assure you, one did.

I don't get many thoughts on a daily basis so I thought it was imperative that I write this one down and allow all of the loving posters and podcasters on this network a chance to contribute.

My thought was this:

I really LOVE Podcast Alley. No, I mean it; I really love everything about it. Now some of you may ask, "Why on earth do you love it, Joe?" My reply is, and always will be the same. It's the people. I've taken the time to list out the reasons why the people make this site so great.

Preface each one of the statements with "The people of Podcast Alley"

1.are never judgmental.
2.are always supportive.
3.provide useful, intuitive and thought provoking content in their posts.
4.are really here to selflessly share ideas in order to further podcasting.
5.never shamelessly promote their own show.
6.never viciously attack other posters in a futile attempt to flaunt their delusional superiority.
7.always leave their over inflated egos at the door.
8.never feel as though they need to get the last word in.
9.never post comments such as “Oh damn! You got told” or “You’re an idiot” because this is a warm, friendly environment for all to enjoy.
10.never chase away good people because the first few threads on the boards usually involve a few “bad apples” with no sense of social decency screaming obscenities at each other.
11.never use this forum as a source to pursue their own religious witch hunt of podcasters that talk about “illegal” activities.
12.always embrace diversity and understand that everyone is an individual and has a right to their own opinions.
13.are people with lives that partake in a healthy amount of social interaction with real people outside this bulletin board.
14.have a firm concept of reality and understand the true nature and intent of bulletin boards such as this.

Now, some of you may argue that all the people on this board do not represent the statements I just listed above. I say this is true; there are a few posters that can be mean-spirited at times. It is important to remember, however, that itÂ’s only about 99% of the people posting there.

Now, I'd like to hear what you love about Podcast Alley.

Happy posting and happy podcasting everyone!