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I saw this on They make their podcast while the Lost show is running and provide running commentary. Perfect for the tivo user who loves Lost.

Maybe this is a whole new category of podcasts - tivocasts


So the next big thing in podcasting has been discovered.

A quick check of today's google count

tivocast -- 88 results

tivocasts -- 8 results

tivocasting -- 799 results

What's the count going to be a year from now?

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if podcasts got to 60 million results after a year

tivocast should 15 million easy

What's my prize if I'm right?

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I like it. Kind of like the running a DVD with the director commenting. Maybe if HBO or CBS or someother TV company started getting their tv shows to do it, then it would be really cool.

If there'sa prize - I say 50 million.(why think small) :)

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