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Is anyone else irritated by the amount of podcasters who put themselves in the "comedy" category when what they really are is a two to three person talk show?

Because I find most of the shows I listen to through forums or mentions in podcasts I don't notice the tag. But I know that when submiting my show, comedy is the only category that fits. I would love to see a "variety" category.

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Digital Podcast has had a variety category for some time now.

You can take a look here

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Yes I did know that, but I think you are the only one.


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Don't you just put the category as "talk" or "variety" in your RSS feed? Or is it that you use a third-party web site to publish and don't have the option.
I'm quite new to this.

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I'm not sure the classification taxonomy many sites is complete - there's definitely something in the talk show / comment / comedy / variety space which doesn't seem well reflected in the existing categories.

I've got [url=]Mojo Crash[/url] classified as comedy quite a few places but I'm not at all convinced by that classification :)

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