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Many of you know that my team has been working on the Podcaster News Network (PCN) for the past four months. Last Friday we launched the site. Over the past couple of months we have been working with a small core group of podcasters that helped us test and shake the system down.

Now it's time to add content producers and we are looking for energetic podcasters that want to create unique branded original content podcast that are no longer than five minutes each.

We are looking for Podcasters in all categories News, Sports, Religion, Lifestyles, Business, Tech, Science if you have a show idea and we can create a category for it we want you.

What do you get out of it, well our business model is built on advertising revenue share. We take care of the hosting and manage the site and infrastructure. This is not a promotion network, it is a original content network that focuses on the short show format.

What makes PCN special is this. We have built the site from the ground up for listeners, does not matter if they have never heard of a podcast or own a MP3 player they will still be able to play the shows. For the experienced we have introduced MyCast through a user account you pick the shows you want to subscribe to and we create a custom RSS feed for you that only sends you the shows you have added to your MyCast.

Our focus is starting with National events and information but if you live in a major city you may want to focus on something regional in addition you have the chance of becoming a category manager. We are accepting and reviewing applications from all that apply and no one will be turned away. We want the Podcaster News Network to be the number one source for news and information for private citizen media.

The evolution of media delivery continues and we want you to be a part of it. Join our team and create a new short format podcast. We are in no way asking you to give up your other shows quite the opposite.

We are adding new features like crazy to the site and will soon and hope you will check us out and join our growing number of content producers.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice