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I was in a game of online Poker the other day and I was talking to a guy who called himself ThatBenJohnson, we got chatting and he seamed like a nice guy. Anyway, after 20 minutes and after he cleaned me out I sent him a friend request and we started talking. He told me that he is currently directing a documentary called 'Clown Shoe; Life of a Podcaster'. This film is about a young podcaster in Liverpool. The film will be the first ever Podcast film, and will be on Youtube.

I am a big fan of Comedy Podcasts such as Smodcast, Tell em steve Dave Jay and Silent Bob get old, basically any of the Smodcast podcast network shows, but ThatBenJohnson sent me the link to his show hosted with Stephen Cubbin, and I found that in the opening seconds I was howling with laughter.


This show is made by two young lads who just got bored. They are now on iTunes and ThatBenJohnsons film is being shown at film festivals around the country (UK). I was also given a link to ThatBenJohnson's Blog where I found myself crying with laughter.


There is also short clips of the film, on the blog and I strongly recommend anybody who is looking for a new blog/podcast to check them out. ThatBenJohnson and Stephen Cubbin will not disapoint. I for one will be going to see this film. If the humor is the same as the blogs and the Podcast which I was assured it was, then this could be the best documentary of the year.

You can follow Them on Twitter @ThatBenJohnson.

Seriously, I don't know how this Podcast slipped under the radar, it is the best podcast of the year and maybe of all time.

WOW!!!!! That's really great. I am also a great fan of Comedy Podcasts & the link you shared is really very much interesting..

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Great....This is a news for me.My younger sister is a big fan of Comedy Podcast she is so excited and happy after heard this news

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Great....This is a news for me.My younger sister is a big fan of Comedy Podcast she is so excited and happy after heard this news ...Thanks for nice and valuable sharing.

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I just want to say your post is tremendous. The clarity in your post is simply spectacular and i can assume you are an expert on this field.

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Am I the only individual who can't take a position Graham Elwood? I don't think I've giggled or even damaged a grin at anything that male's said. And he's on like, every show of DLM, which I love.

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For activities lovers, you can't do any better than Expenses Simmons and Sklarboro Nation.

Just because nobody described it, WTF is top display. Maron's personality is frustrating sometimes, but he is an amazing interviewer--maybe even better than Strict himself.

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