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I just launched a new podcast site. It needs some extra features and things, so I was just wondering if everyone would tell me what they think?

Here's the URL: [url][/url]

Just click the Contact Us to give suggestions and what not on features and things you'd like to see added. Thanks!

Perhaps you can explain why yet another podcast directory, when there are already a boatload out there. With 6,500 podcasts in the directory, I couldn't find mine, which I guess would mean that I'd have to submit it. This just doesn't appear to be very useful to me, unless you can explain the advantage.

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.. and I've been wondering how all of these directories get their information about the podcasts....

It appears that some rely upon individual submissions, while others appear to crawl over certain sites to derive their information... and yet others appear to pull all the feed and episode information directly from the feed.
Do these actually subscribe to the XML and inflate "subscription" information or do they just query the feed like a page view?

Anyone know what the prevalence of all of these podcast directories are doing to podcasters?


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i just read in this cnet article that Podzinger is going to show 10 - 15 second audio or video ads that will run immediately before a podcast AND will split the ad revenue with the content creator

Here's the article:

Here's where you sign up:

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Well, those ads will only pay a ton if the content is extremely popular, and the audience level is high. That rules out a lot of podcasters

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