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After spending over a week trying to get my last episode uploaded on, I finally gave up, and switched over to

So far far everything seems pretty cool and easy, and they've just included a statistic option. It's not as detailed as Feedburner, but at least my newest episode (9) is up & running fine.

Check it out at: [url][/url]

Now if I could only get iTunes to put me under the right category and directory, everything would be peachy :wink:

I tried it a while ago and the audio quality wasn't great. How did it turn out for you?

My sound came out much better when I used audacity and used the sound leveling feature.

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I'm not using their audio program. I have my own recording studio and I record my podcast on Cubase SX. I'm mainly using podomatic to store the mp3s.

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How much storage/bandwidth do you get? What's it cost? Any idea how it compares to some of the other podcast hosting services?

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Sorry for the delay posting here. Still cleaning up after Wilma :x
Podomatic is free, as for the bandwith, I don't have the info handy, but you can probably find out on their site. [url][/url]

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