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Itunes 6.0 videos won't play smoothly in our g3 ibook that has enough RAM and osx 10.3.9. Tekserve in NYC thinks the videocard (2001) is too small to handle the videos, yet quicktome trailers play fine, as do movie dvd's. Any ideas? Am I the only one with this problem? I tried calling apple but they won't talk to me unless I pay $49. I object on principle and am beginning to feel that apple is going the way of Dell, IBM, and insurance companies. VEry Frustrated!!!!

I have found Apple's online/phone service to be useless. I felt the same way you are feeling.

However, the Apple Stores can be a great help. They have something called the Genius bar where you can get troubleshooting help. My iPod was not working, I walked in and they signed me up - got real person help within 20 minutes without any charge. I would go into the store if you can.

Sorry I don't have an ibook, but a quick look at the apple boards suggest you are not alone. Sorry I can't help more.




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